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72-HR Course Details

Becoming a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida

Obviously, you’re someone with, not only real estate experience, but real estate AMBITION! That’s perfect, because you’re in the right place and we’ve got great news for you: 

  • We offer Florida’s 72-hour Broker Pre-Licensing Course, which upon completing it, you will be on your way to having all the POWER that comes with being an independent real estate broker!

  • That means you can INDEPENDENTLY "perform the sale, exchange, purchase, or rental of business enterprises or any real property" (DBPR).

  • You can even open a brokerage and employ AS LITTLE OR AS MANY agents as you wish. There are virtually no limitations to what you pursue

Florida's "72-Hour FL Broker Pre-Licensing Course" Requirement

This is a state-licensed, 72-hour Real Estate Broker pre-licensing course, completion of which is a Florida requirement for any one seeking their broker's license. The course is a prerequisite and prepares you to pass the 100-question state exam. See our "3 Simple Steps" page for details. This course is mandated by Florida law for becoming a real estate broker.

Our course's "final exam" is designed to be very similar to state's exam to ensure your success. In fact, all online real estate courses must be designed and approved based on a state-provided outline and syllabus for topics to be covered. 

To get a better idea of these topics, view this course's outline and learning objectives. This course contains 18 lessons for you to complete at your own pace. A learning lesson contains anywhere from 20 to 60 click-through slides. Check out our course preview.

Your Goal in this Course

You are required to click through each lesson and complete the provided practices. After completing all 18 lessons, you must then complete the end-of-course final exam. This exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, and you must answer at least 70 correctly to pass. Per state law, one retake of the course exam is provided after a 30-day wait (within one year). Otherwise, you must retake the course.

What you get in this Course
  • An up-to-date, state-approved, online pre-licensing course including an exam preparation lesson

  • Support to answer any questions you may have on course topics

  • Technical support to ensure your access to the course

  • An official certificate of course completion

  • Valid accreditation to your FL license record / profile, confirming with the state that you've passed

  • The knowledge you'll need to pass the state exam, get licensed that moment, and start as a broker!

We're committed to your success!

Course Rules, Policy, & State Law

From the date of enrollment, you have one year (12 months from enrollment) to complete the course. After this time period, your enrollment is expired involuntarily. You may request an extension based on permitted circumstances, but you must request such in writing, stating your reasons. You are allowed by law one final exam retake after a 30-day wait (i.e., you have two attempts to pass our course exam).


A DBPR-Licensed Real Estate Instructor is available to address subject matter issues during business hours on weekdays and can be reached at our main line listed at the top of this website or via email.


There no refunds for any course purchase.


No text book is provided with this course. For a resource that will help you pass the exam and be a great reference throughout your career, purchase this authoritative textbook, "Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide" (hardcopy or e-copy). This is the "required" text for this course and it can be purchased separately. This is now offered as an e-book, and it is a great resource for diving into the details of subjects you may be less familiar with. Note that this link above is the publisher's link and is not the only vendor or online source you can purchase this textbook from. All state-licensed Florida Real Estate Agents will benefit from having this text book as a resource throughout their career. 


Students are welcome to use other supplemental textbooks and those versions in their possession; however, we cannot guarantee whether the version used will contain the most up to date information on Florida law or all details and nuances of that law. Therefore, we encourage you to use all resources available to your to enrich your learning and further your knowledge as a state licensee and real estate practioner. The Florida Statutes are a great source for the latest on real estate laws. Real estate education is built on a chassis of state and federal laws and modern best practices. Both of which are tested upon earning a license and maintaining that licenses across future renewal periods. The course includes plenty of online material with the course to use in conjunction with a textbook and official government websites.

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