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3 Simple Steps to be a Broker

There are only three steps to complete before you pass the state exam and become a Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker that same day!


Buy and complete this online course to meet Florida's 72-Hour Pre-licensing Course requirement and receive your diploma.
Submit to Florida an application for becoming a real estate broker. Details are on State of Florida's website, here, or by phone (850) 487-1395. This can be done before or after you complete our course.



Upon approval of your state-application and completing our pre-licensing course, sign up for and complete the state exam. It's under $40 per attempt, and you are allowed unlimited attempts to score 75 of 100 questions correct to pass. Details on test locations and phone or online registration are here.
Get on your way to becoming a real estate broker! Take our course, complete the end of course exam, and then apply/register for and complete the state exam.
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