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45-HR Course Details

Don't Miss Your DBPR Renewal Deadline!

Your existing real estate license must be renewed after 18 months of having it. Your license is set to expire on the first of either date to come after 18 months of having it, March 31 or Sept. 30. To renew your license, you must do two things: (1) complete a state-licensed 45-Hour Renewal Course like ours (Lic.# CRS7658) and (2) pay your license renewal fee to Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Both of these things MUST be done prior to your license's expiration date.

We're proud to be your partner in renewal!

Florida's "45-Hour Post-Licensing Course" Requirement

Our state-licensed, 45-hour post-licensing course fulfills the Florida Real Estate License Renewal requirement for post-license education. After passing our course's final exam, you have met the state's requirement. There is no state exam needed to renew. Our course follows the state's syllabus and guidelines for the 100-question course exam.

Our course's "final exam" is similar to what you took for your pre-license course. However, we provide you with two practice exams and a number of other study supplements to ensure your success in renewal. All online real estate courses for the State of Florida must be designed and approved based on a state-provided outline and syllabus for topics to be covered. 

To get a better idea of these topics, view this course's outline and learning objectives. This course contains 14 click-through lessons for you to complete at your own pace. A learning lesson contains anywhere from 20 to 40 click-through slides. Check out our course preview.

Your Goal in this Renewal Course

You are required to click through each lesson. After doing such, we post a number of study supplements for you to take advantage of. For no additional charge, we provide two practice exams, which you can take to ensure you can consistently score at least 75% correctly, which is the score required by state law to pass our course exam.


The objective of the end-of-course examination is to test fairly and reliably whether students have learned essential facts and concepts from the course. This exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions of four answer choices each, and you must answer at least 75 correctly to pass.


Upon passing the course exam, we will electronically report your completion to the DBPR and email you an electronic completion certificate and instructions on how to pay the DBPR their fee for renewal, if you have not already paid it.

What you get in this Online Course
  1. An up-to-date, state-approved, online post-licensing course including an exam preparation lesson

  2. Additional study materials, such as vocabulary primers, questions & answers, and two practice exams complete with answer keys, free of charge

  3. Support to answer any questions you may have on course topics

  4. Technical support to ensure reliable access to the course

  5. An official electronic certificate of course completion

  6. Electronic accreditation and transmittal to Florida's DBPR confirming that you've passed

  7. A hassle-free renewal process for your Florida Real Estate License

We're committed to your success!

Course Rules & Policy and State Law
  • You must complete our course exam by 11:59 PM on your renewal date. We advise that you complete our course at least five days prior to avoid processing delays that will occur at the DBPR towards the end of the renewal period. 

  • The course exam is a 3-hour timed exam, and you must score 75 out of 100 correctly to pass. These are state requirements. 

  • A DBPR-Licensed Real Estate Instructor is available to address subject matter issues during business hours on weekdays and can be reached at our main line listed at the top of this website or via email.

  • Students failing a post-licensing education examination may retake the examination. Only one retake is permitted. If for any reason you do not pass after your second attempt, then just enroll in the course again to take the course examination again!

  • An exception for retaking the course exam exists if your testing session is interrupted due to an uncontrollable circumstance, such as a computer crash or internet connection failure. 

  • If you do not complete the 45-hour post-license course before the expiration of your license, then your license becomes void, and you have to retake the pre-license course, pass its exam, and retake the state exam. In effect, you have to start from scratch.

  • There are no refunds for the 45-Hour License Renewal Course.


No text book is provided with this course. However, we do provide plenty of online material with the course. Additionally, we also note that students find it beneficial to reference their pre-license course textbook as a supplement to the course. 


For the authoritative post-licensing textbook for this course, you should purchase this "Renewal Companion textbook" (hardcopy or e-copy, and we support recent editions). This is now offered as an e-book, and it is a great resource for diving into the details of subjects you may be less familiar with. Note that this is not the only vendor or online source you can purchase this textbook from. Students may use their pre-licensing course textbook and/or older versions of the post-licensing book as a resource for more detailed information. Florida Statutes are also a great source for the latest on real estate laws. Please take into account any shipping times given your renewal date and when you must complete our course by in order to prevent your license from expiring.

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