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45-HR Course Instructions

The following information will help you begin and succeed in this course.


Introduction to Online Learning


Distance learning necessitates a high level of self-direction and, therefore, requires students to read, conduct research, complete timed-exams and similar assignments, designed to achieve and measure competency relative to the required subject matter objectives.


Outline of Study


1. Begin by going through each of the Lessons linked in your course menu. Remember, these lessons are lecture slides and correspond to subjects that you can review in more detail, as will be discussed below.


2. Spend time reviewing each of the vocabulary terms found within a lesson to ensure you are familiar with and can define them.


3. Review in more detail all subjects that you are less familiar with by utilizing an authoritative Florida real estate textbook (explained in more detail below) and/or a credible website such as Federal housing websites or the FL Statutes Chapter 475, which contain the actual laws you are studying and expected to follow as a licensee of the state. Both federal and state laws can change year to year, so we encourage you to visit, bookmark, and familiarize yourself with these resources, as noted throughout the course lessons.


4. Utilize all available practice materials linked within the course and self-grade your performance. You may take practices as often as appropriate to develop and strengthen subject mastery.


5. Utilize all available practice materials found in the real estate book that you use to support your study.


6. Take the time to understand the all practices you answer incorrectly. It is very important to understand why a correct answer is correct. Do this by reading the respective governing law or corresponding section in the textbook you are using. Remember that if you still are having trouble, you can submit a question to us via the course website or email.


7. Review any or all of the Lesson lectures as desired.


8. Study the material in the Pre-Exam Review. This review is designed to be a capsule summary of perhaps the most commonly tested subject matter. This review lesson also demonstrates the steps necessary to solve all of the types of math-based problems you might encounter.


9. Retake the Practices until you can score at least 80 percent of the number attempted correctly.


10. Proceed to take the End-of-Course Exam.


The above steps are listed in an order recommended by us, but as an online student you have the flexibility to engage in self-directed study as appropriate given your existing knowledge of the various subjects in scope for this course (i.e., revisit more often the material you find most challenging to master). Each lesson contains learning objectives identifying the subjects that the State of Florida has deemed mandatory for this licensing course.


Course Expectations


As online licensing education student, you are expected to complete all of the steps listed above. Moreover, before taking the course exam, per state law you must attest that you have completed these steps by checking / clicking on a confirmation box. It is important that you spend adequate time studying the Pre-Exam Review lesson and taking each practice exam before attempting to take the final exam so that you can test with confidence. This studying precaution will ensure you the best likelihood of passing the course exam. The book you decide to use (see the section on books below) will serve as a supplement to any supporting or detailed information that you need to thoroughly understand a correct answer. Again, we recommend that you spend time researching every question that you answer incorrectly on the practice exams to ensure you learn why an answer is correct. You may also submit subject-matter questions to us if you need clarification.


Appropriate Textbook and Other Resources


As stated on the website, no textbook is provided with this course. However, we do provide plenty of online material with the course to use in conjunction with a textbook and official government websites. Additionally, we note that students find it beneficial to reference an authoritative textbook as a requisite supplement to the course. Our course supports recent editions of the authoritative Dearborn publisher's Florida real estate series of textbooks. Additionally, we also note that students find it beneficial to reference their pre-license course textbook as a supplement to the course. 
For the authoritative post-licensing textbook for this course, you should purchase the books linked under the "Course Details" page. Students may use their pre-licensing course textbook and/or older versions of the post-licensing book as a resource for more detailed information. Please take into account any shipping times given your renewal date and when you must complete our course by in order to prevent your license from expiring.


Students are welcome to use such textbooks and those versions in their possession; however, we cannot guarantee whether the version used will contain the most up to date information on Florida law or all details and nuances of that law. Therefore, we encourage you to use all resources available to your to enrich your learning and further your knowledge as a state licensee and real estate practitioner. The Florida Statutes are a great source for the latest on real estate laws. Real estate education is built on a chassis of state and federal laws and modern best practices. Both of which are tested upon earning a license and maintaining that licenses across future renewal periods.


Time Requirement


This course is rated and approved for the specific number of hours required by the State of Florida to fulfill your licensing-education need. The course is delivered solely online and is therefore rated at the equivalent of classroom time and all of those actions that occur within a classroom. We do not provide students with a "countdown" timer to measure time logged in, as you might find in a Department of Motor Vehicle course. The hour requirement for this course encases you completing all of the steps listed above in our outline of study. We also expect you to engage in additional study by using your textbook of choice and other supplement materials, such as those we present and link for you. With all of these activities taken together, as specified in our course outline, along with you passing the course exam, you will be deemed to have met the temporal requirement corresponding to your licensing-education need.


End-of-Course Exam & Retakes


Upon passing the timed course final exam administered through our website, we will promptly report your completion electronically to the DBPR under your license name and number. Per State law, the end-of-course exam does not include aids such as, but not limited to, hint, back, or retry functionalities. State law also governs the number of exam attempts per course enrollment. These rules vary per course.



For technical or content questions, you may use this quick message form or reach us at or by phone at 904-701-8634. Email is the preferred means of contact because we offer service after business hours. We reply to all emails as quickly as possible and even after hours and on weekends. Be sure to provide us with your full name, email address, and phone number so that we can locate your account and contact you promptly.


Thank you for choosing us as your hassle-free partner in renewal!

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